Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My big question of the day is:

Why do men shut down, like a bank on a holiday when things start to get emotional???

No transactions...no deposit, no withdrawal...except for them withdrawing from the conversation.
I'm not asking for them to spill their guts, Dr. Phil style, but you know...a little participation would be nice.

I love Carlos, love him to death, please don't get me wrong. But he is as solid as an oak when it comes to looking at the inner grains. Maybe it's us women?? I vouch that if men had to change their ENTIRE body chemistry once a month and then in that same month, wrangle it back to normal, they would be a little cranky too, and a little emotional!

We all wish we could be a psychic and probe the inner workings of our men's minds to try and figure out what he means when he says what he does... but I sometimes wonder if we actually heard what was going on in their heads, it would sound a bit like a Petsmart commercial. Throw your man a bone(Take that any way you'd like), give him a nice warm bed at night, nice wholesome natural ingredients in his food and the leisure to relieve himself at any given time...and he's a happy camper!

Why are women so much more complex? You got me. We're the easy ones to figure out. you get a couple of us together and all you have to do is start sentences and the others know exactly what they are gonna talk about or say next. Duh...it's not that hard to catch on.

I have to give Carlos a great deal of credit though. He is more in-tuned with me than anyone else ever has been. And he really seems to care about what I'm thinking and feeling, at least it feels that way!

Who knew? The first guy I date that's younger than me and has more intelligence, and maturity than all the other men I've dated...COMBINED!!!!

Love you baby! You're the best!

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Shamelessly said...

I don't think I want to hear what is going on in Randy's mind 98 percent of the time. I think it would either frighten me, make me cry, or drive me to violence. I'll just continue to trudge through the swamp of understanding. It's worked for us so far.