Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Countdown starts....

So, my surgery is in 9 days...and counting. And I'm worried.

Those of you who know me well, know what I've been through but for those of you that don't I'll explain. They always say that talking about things makes them better, so here is goes...

In July of 2006, I was in a car accident which was not my fault. A 16 year old kid ran a red light and I hit him broadside and it totalled both cars. My nose was broken and my foot was crushed.

I'm going in for my 5th surgery on it the 21st. The last major one I had on it in November of '06 left me out of work for two months and on IV meds for a month because the Doctor cut one of the pins too short and it recessed into my foot giving me a severe staph infection that landed me in Intensive Care for a few days and and entire week in the hospital.

I faced death square in the face and actually told my mother "Goodbye" and that I loved her... She ran screaming out of my room for the nurses as I literally slipped out of consciousness. It was say the least.

So, the surgery didn't take...well, the bone grafts didn't take and my foot is technically still broken. Which is why in 9 days I will go in to have the bones cut apart, the arthritic bone taken out, re-grafting, a titanium plate and screws put back in, and some sort of "bone cement" injected into the joints of my foot...pleasant eh?

Before the surgery in November the Doctor tried to remove the pin that had recessed, he decided to attempt this IN HIS OFFICE! No anesthetic (Novocaine doesn't "take" in infected tissue), no stick to bite down on, and no "mind-numbing" drugs... Just me, my mom, the Doctor and a pair of needle-nose pliers. I'm not kidding folks, pliers. That was one of those times I WISH I could have passed out, but I didn't.

When he realized that it was going to come out, they took me to the ER (Hey! Now there's a thought!!) Here's my point I'm trying to make: In front of my Mom and Dad and my Grandfather he said, "I take full responsibility for this, I cut the pin too short."

I'm sure you are asking, "Why in the hell would you go back to him?" I know, but he actually is the best rated doctor for this kind of stuff in the state.

So, my question to all of you? Do some doctor's just make mistakes? Or should I sue the pants off of him? Let me know... and, on a side note...I've received a bill from him for EVERYTHING!

Let me know! I would appreciate some outside input on this!


SuziQ said...

I don't know about suing, though you probably have a good case. But at the very least you should be paying for the botched surgery or anything after that that has resulted from the botched surgery!

SuziQ said...

Yeah, that was supposed to say you SHOULDN'T have to pay for it...can't I edit? LOL

Shamelessly said...

I say talk to a lawyer and see how your case looks. Going back to him again probably doesn't look to good on your side, but who knows how something like this would pan out. I think thats the only way to know for sure if its worth your time and money

D said...

I agree with both Tracy and Suzi. I think you should go talk to a lawyer and you shouldn't have to be paying for this. For real!

Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

I hate the fact that I keep going back to this same guy, and keep getting billed. But when you ask any other Dr. for a referral they all recommend him! Bum deal. I have a neighbor that's a lawyer, maybe I'll talk to her... Thanks for your imput!