Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm still at home, sitting and waiting for the pain to ease and for my sanity to come back... If you see it, let it know that I miss it and I would be gracious for it's return.

Sitting at home for almost two weeks now, trying to get around my house with an ungodly large cast and on crutches has left me delirious and in tears for the vast past of this week.

I wake each morning with great expectations for the day and yet the moment that I roll over and have shooting pain through my foot and see my crutches propped up against the wall by my bed, I feel like rolling back over and staying there.

Showering is fun too...I break into a sweat just trying to get read for it. I have to sit on the floor and pull this commercial grade plastic bag over my cast, wrap a hand towel around the top of the cast, which prevents any water that sneaks by the "OTHER" stuff from leaking down into the cast. Then I Velcro the top shut with a strap, so tight I can immediately feel my toes swell and change color, and then another strap, that I believe is the same likeness to a wet suit type material that also is touriqueted around my leg on top of everything else.

Want to try something fun? Try getting into your shower and only use one leg. Let me tell you, if you can find some way that's more glamorous than the way I've found, let me know! LOL! If you make it in...wash your whole body and wash your hair standing on one leg...the whole time. Piece of cake!

Carlos has been awesome, of course... I cried most of this morning because I know how great he is and how I resemble a large sack of rocks right now. And he still loves me, what a guy!

I actually attempted work yesterday. Attempted is the exact word for it. I lasted till noon. Not bad, but like I've said today I'm out for the count!

I'm sorry I'll stop's the roughest day so far. Almost 2 weeks down and only 6 more to go...Wish me luck!


Shamelessly said...

Okay, so I just have a couple of ideas I'm gonna throw out at you. Let me know if any of them work.
1. Shave your head. No hair=no washing of hair!
2. Hose. Just have Carlos spray you down like an elephant or a dirty dog.
3. Dreads. Hey you have someone experienced living with you. They don't need to get wet. So you can sponge bath.
4. Get a step stool and put it in your shower. You could just sit there and sing, or yodel, or anything else to your hearts desire.
5. Don't bathe. Sanitation is overrated.
I'm rooting for you, if anyone can make it through all that stuff you can!!

Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

LMAO! Thanks girlie! I can always count on you to make me laugh! I get my new cast on tomorrow so hopefully that will ease things up a bit!
Thanks for the comments... I feel like it's my one link to reality...sad huh? LOL!