Friday, May 2, 2008

Anyone Know where to buy Burial Plots???

My you all know it.. officially started it's downward spiral as of about 10 minutes ago.
I might as well start looking for a burial plot, filling out my last Will & Testiment, and full-filling life long dreams...I don't have long.

Why? You ask...

I went to the restroom at work, and after doing my business and washing my hands of course, I was preening, admiring the handy work of my brand new Chi Flat Iron when I saw it...

It came up from no where, completely blindsided me and INSTANTLY I was filled with a sense of dread. The Grim Reaper, I could feel, just altered his course and is heading my way.

What? You ask again...

A grey hair.

My FIRST grey hair.

Yes, I know, I gasped louder than you just did. Yet there it was, it's silvery luster shining out between the brown, as if to say, "Hello, and welcome to the top of the Hill, enjoy your flight to the bottom, and have a nice day!"
It's a tragedy, the MOST horrific thing to happen to me in my life (and THAT's really sayin' something!!!)... How will I carry on? Shave my head entirely? Head to the salon at lunch for a highlight treatment? Or embrace the inevitable, hopefully graceful, gradual aging of this Lucky-Unlucky girl?

Screw that last one!!! Ignorance is BLISS!!!!

I say Highlight Treatment...any other reccomendations?


Shamelessly said...

No that is NOT the most horrific thing you have lived through. That would be dating that ONE guy in high school with the yellow teeth. THAT was horrific. This is just... bothersom. And speaking of grey hairs... HAHA, none here!! Thats what you get for always calling your BFF an old hag!!

Just me said...

Pull it! Yank it out! Hide the evidence of old age. That is why I color, I have no idea if I have any grey, and I want to keep it that way.
BTW if your old what the crap am I?

SuziQ said...

I'm with Lore, deny, deny, deny! Do whatever it takes to get rid of those little gray monsters!

Hey, you, I tagged you, so go check out my blog! I didn't do it exactly right, but you can just cut and paste my questions and answers, and fill in with answers of your own. I forgot to put the little instructions at the end. LOL